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The police think he's a joke, but Shane knows his father was kidnapped, possibly murdered.

Despite giving the police compelling evidence, there’s been no resolution to the case. Frustrated, Shane decides to work on his own. His childhood memories of his father watching televised champion cross-country meets inspires him to join his high school team. To Shane, it’s a simple plan: Become a champion runner, make it to the televised state meet, and hope his father—kidnapped or not—is watching and comes home. The closer Shane comes to the truth, the clearer it becomes that someone he loves is lying about his father’s disappearance.

But running isn’t just about the race – it’s about the journey. While chasing after his dad, Shane battles fear of rejection because of his father’s absence. He must face his fear when he meets and falls for fellow student, Lyla. Shane is forced to choose: Should he keep chasing the father who never returned, or pursue a new relationship that could help him conquer his fear?


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Four and Twenty Blackbirds

After the death of his daughter, lawyer Thomas Crowe must struggle with his hypercritical boss, the fact he still hasn't made partner at his firm, and a new case in Seoul, South Korea working for a vengeful client. What was supposed to be a five day routine assignment becomes a nightmare as Crowe is framed for the murder of the man his client is suing. Suddenly alone with nowhere to turn and no one to trust, Crowe must fight to clear his name and return to the U.S. 

With complex character relationships and vivid narrative detail, Brian Beneventi has crafted a compelling crime tale.